The story behind the creation, and even the funding, of Dungeon Hearts is quite amazing. Back at GDC this year, Devolver Digital held an open call of sorts to indie developers to pitch their ideas. Chris Pavia, Cube Roots independent developer was one of the participants, and that same night Dungeon Hearts was signed.

Dungeon Hearts is a mix of RPG and puzzle elements scheduled to hit PC and mobile devices next year. The game has players matching three gems of the same color to help their party unleash devastating attacks on various enemies that inhabit its 16 unique environments. Dungeon Hearts will feature various special abilities, unlockable heroes, and a level cap of 99 to keep players felling monsters and matching pieces for a long time.

“Dungeon Hearts has been a labor of love for a while now. As an indie it can be tough bringing your project to a publisher for fear they are going to strip away the developer’s personality from the final product,” said Cube Roots founder Chris Pavia. “It has been quite the opposite with the guys over at Devolver Digital, it’s been great working with people who embrace the weird and quirky.”

Dungeon Hearts didn’t start out as a puzzle/RPG hybrid either. Pavia first wanted to create a “brothel simulator,” but Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker recommended he shift visions a bit “because medieval brothel simulators just don’t sell anymore.”

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