Despite being just one year out of college, Brett Segall has made a name for himself, and is looking to help others do the same.

Segall grew up in Weston, Mass., graduated from Brandeis University in 2011, completed two internships with L.A.’s International Creative Management, and then struck out on his own. His business, eMuze LLC, is not your average talent management firm. A startup themselves, eMuze is devoted to discovering and developing burgeoning talent. They welcome artist outreach, something that their soon-to-be-launched social platform, eMuze Connect, will make all the easier.

eMuze recently partnered with Karmaloop to present On the Verge: Boston. For Segall, Karmaloop’s Greg Selkoe and Chris Mastrangelo have been a source of industry inspiration. The two men believe in eMuze’s mission, and have provided Segall with insight that has helped him make it through his first year in business. The event, held April 30 at Tico, featured live performances and fashion from Boston’s rising stars.

While showcasing local talent is central to eMuze’s mission, Segall’s company also works to connect talented individuals with industry professionals, and with each other.

“It’s an industry built upon relationships and connections, and I believe that helping individuals–whether it’s a fan, an aspiring talent or even a professional–make an authentic connection in an organic fashion is vital and important,” said Segall.

And while the market forces artists to differentiate themselves to stay competitive, Segall maintains that there’s much to be gained from collaboration.

“Collaboration is beneficial, and powerful,” he said. “Especially in regards to entertainment. eMuze is about opening doors for aspiring talent and collaborating with other talent and industry leaders to accelerate the discovery process.”

For all those artists out there who have yet to establish themselves or have yet to be tagged as rising talent, Segall’s advice is to get creative, get out there, and, just maybe, get discovered.

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