We’ve all wanted it. The ability to use our computers with just hand gestures. Flip through our emails, photos or documents with a simple hand swipe motion. While Microsoft’s Kinect makes this possible, the precision is not quite there, anyone with a Kinect for their Xbox 360 will attest to that.

Startup company Leap Motion has announced their Leap motion control device. according to the company, they claim to offer controls 200 times more accurate than anything out on the market. How this device works is the usb thumbdrive sized device projects a 8 cubic feet of 3D interactive space that will recognize pretty much any motion. Scrolling with your index finger, zooming in on a photo with a pinch, even using a pen to draw or sign with the precision of doing the same action on a piece of paper.

Te fact that Leap can do all of this in such a small, portable package is amazing in its own right. To add the fact that the device is only $70 makes pretending to be Chief John Anderton a lot easier to do anywhere you go. At the very least, Leap will make it easier for people with arthritis or other ailments that prevent them from physically typing or clicking a mouse.

Leap Motion is taking pre-orders right now for Leap. They are limited, though, so if you really want one you better head over to their site and place your order before it is too late.

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