The SyFy channel’s latest iteration of the wormhole franchise will get a second season. “Stargate Universe” will begin filming a 20-episode season two in early 2010.

The first season had its fall premiere last week and will return to finish out the season in April.

The show has averaged 2.6 million viewers, including DVR recordings, per episode.

“Universe” is the second highest-rated show on SyFy, after “Ghost Hunters.”

In other SyFy news, “Sanctuary” will be renewed for a third season.

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  1. tetrion

    They renewed that stinking corpse? Those network execs must be on some seriously good sh*t.

  2. Tampopo

    “Universe” is the second highest-rated show on SyFy

    uh What? that shitty soapy drama the second highest rated show? Science fiction is dead now.


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