Rising Star Games recently announced that it is releasing Cave Interactive’s Akai Katana, a Japanese arcade bullet-hell title, exclusively on Xbox 360 consoles. The game will feature HD graphics and a new scoring system, but it will also provide a classic 4:3 mode for fans who like some nostalgia with their games.

For those unfamiliar with arcade shooters, Rising Star has created a series of videos showing off the various features in Akai Katana and tips on how to survive your adventure. It may sound easy to avoid side-scrolling shots, but after taking a look at some of the levels in the game, you’ll get why they call it “bullet-hell.”

The publisher will also be releasing Akai Katana theme and picture packs starting today that will cost 240 and 160 Microsoft Points respectively.

Akai Katana will be available for Xbox 360 on May 11.

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