Philadelphia native Christina Perri has already featured heavily on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart, VH1’s “You Oughta Know” segment, and is one of iTunes’ fastest selling new artists. The rise of the 24-year-old singer/song writer will reach new heights next Tuesday, when she is set to perform her single “Jar Of Hearts” on TBS’ “Conan.”

Perri’s EP, “The Ocean Way Sessions” was released in early November and includes the debut single that got it’s first major exposure on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” That fact may suggest that “Jar of Hearts” is an upbeat, poppy number, tailored to the show’s prime time audience. In reality, the song is a subtle and soulful piano ballad, on which, Perri’s strong, slightly scratchy voice grows with emotion. By the closing bars, the blunt lines “You don’t get to get me back” and “Who do you think you are” make it clear that Perri is singing her words with sincerity. It will be interesting to see if she can reach the same level of passion to a live rendition on Co-Co’s show.


The other four tracks on the “Ocean Way” EP surround the single with similarly delicate melodies and feelings. The influences of other recent indie-divas are presented throughout the record. Opening song, “Bang Bang Bang” clips along with a similar plonking piano to Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine.” While “Daydream” generates the same winding, folky feel as English contemporary, Laura Marling.

On the song “Tragedy,” like on the single, Perri’s musical fervor is impressive. As the title suggests, her songwriting is also is at it’s most heartbreaking on this track. The lyrics are genuine and, at times, rather poignant. The line, “Why’d you have to prove everyone right?” is belted out with mature sounding somberness for a young artist to possess.

Perri’s full-length debut is set for release on Atlantic Records in the New Year. Based upon the evidence of her EP, the album will offer more well-comprised and heartfelt work. Whether or not the exposure she gains from her performance on America’s new favorite Late Night, propels Christina Perri to widespread fame, she appears to be an artist who’s talent and honesty can survive with any size of audience.

Christina Perri appears on “Conan” on December 7. Her EP, “The Ocean Way Sessions” is available now.

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