Remember when Google made that neat PAC-MAN logo that also doubled as an actual game? Today the search engine company has another game in store for its users, but this one takes place all over your screen.

Google the words “Zerg rush,” and after a few seconds you will see a group of Os start to descend on your search results and start eating them up. Each search result has a small health bar, so if you want to save them, you’ll need to attack the Os by quickly clicking on them until they die.

Once you are done, you can save your score and share it with friends on Google+. After playing it a few times, I found that you can actually “increase” the game’s difficulty by increasing your search results count, making each game session last longer.

The name Zerg actually comes from a race of aliens in the game StarCraft that can mass-produce offensive units and overwhelm its targets. You may never look at Google’s Os the same way again.

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