As you might have read from our preview from PAX East, Mario Tennis Open looks likes it will be the most robust installment the series has seen. Featuring classic modes like tournaments and exhibitions, Open plays like a great game of tennis, but the addition of mini-games, character customization, and online matches makes this a 3DS title definitely worth looking out for.

A new trailer was recently released showing off the game’s Customization mode that lets you dress up your Miis with over 200 items and equipment that changes the way they play. You can make your Miis match the skills of the available characters by giving them shirts and hats resembling them (or even full costumes,) or you can mix and match outfits to create your own unique player.

The Japanese website for the game also just launched featuring videos of all the available characters and the different modes. Even if you don’t know Japanese, be sure to check out videos of your favorite characters in action and get a sneak peek at the various courts too.

Mario Tennis Open comes out May 20.

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