Namco has released a rather critical patch for Soul Calibur V that balances out every character in its roster. The changes range from major tweaks of some characters’ moves to minor framerate adjustments. This updated version will also be used in the upcoming Soul Calibur V Worldwide Finals on April 10 in Vegas.

Also starting April 3, Namco will begin releasing monthly customization parts for the game’s Creation mode. Today’s update is free, but be prepared to cough up some dough for all those extra costumes and headpieces.

Here is a quick detailed list of some of the changes coming with today’s patch:

Battle System Adjustments
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to evade low attacks and block mid attacks by inputting “up” direction when holding guard button. Although this makes it difficult for players to evade low attacks by just jumping, there is no change when evading with jump attacks.
  • Unblockable frame duration is now longer during the back step. No change in moving distance and speed.
  • Buffering time has decreased when you get hit by the opponent character. This is to avoid attacking when you accidentally hit buttons after getting hit. Direction key/pad buffer time has not changed.
  • Attack cancel will no longer shorten unblockable frame in 8-way run and side step. The cancel frame of some characters’ unblockable moves have also been changed to fix this issue (please refer to changes in individual characters).
  • Fixed character’s guard burst damage not recovering between rounds. Characters that were affected: Voldo, Astaroth, Raphael, Tira, Algol, Z.W.E.I., Patroklos, ?Patroklos, Xiba, and Ezio.
  • Fixed incorrect moves coming out when inputting in the buffering frame during front/back roll.
  • Fixed characters being thrown outside the screen when certain moves are performed by both characters simultaneously.
Overall Move Adjustments
  • Fixed crouching stance being forced to stand when hit by some character’s 2A, 2K, crouch A, or crouch K.
  • Lowered jump attacks’ guard burst damage and critical gauge increase rate.
  • Lowered guard burst damage and critical gauge increase rate for some characters’ 2B. As a result, most characters will not execute guard burst with 2B.
  • Re-balanced move lists for following characters due to unintended aerial combos connecting even during aerial control: Ivy (while turning moves), Cervantes (AA, 6A, etc.), Leixia (6B, etc.), Xiba (3B).

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3 Responses

  1. Larkin Skye

    You know it’s funny because Pyrrha, Xiba, Siegfried, and several other characters are still overpowered.

    • Anonymous

      Not really….Pyrrha has a slight pause inbetween attacks, Siegfried you can see coming at you a mile before they initiate through, Xiba is mostly horizontal with his vertical low, and Lexia well, She still OP regardless =P

  2. Larkin Skye

    I disagree. I don’t think Leixia is OP. And you clearly haven;t fought very many Pyrrhaas, which, to me, is quite humorous because that’s all anyone plays these days. Her and Siegfried. And you have the gall to tell me they’re not OP?


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