Last week, Activision announced Call of Duty Elite 2.0, and the panic sirens went off almost immediately. How can Activision do this?! I need to pay again? let’s riot!

Whoa, whoa..calm down there. Your money is safe, Activision’s social media guru Dan Amrich explains.

“This shareholder tease led some people to assume that they would have to buy two subscriptions to Elite — the one you have now and a new one for the forthcoming game. Nope,” Amrich wrote in his blog. “This is more about upgrading and revising the service that currently exists.

The announcement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the service was always meant to evolve, and this feels like the first step in that process.

“It helps to remember that Elite is a service, not a boxed product,” he adds. “Consider Xbox Live. You need an annual subscription to get what it offers, but when Microsoft added more video programming and updated the dashboard interface and made it more Kinect-friendly, as they did late last year, you didn’t need a second XBL subscription to see those changes. Same thing here. ‘Elite 2.0’ is just a short, software way of saying ‘significant improvements are in the works.’ Hope that makes it clear for anybody who was still fuzzy.”

There hasn’t been an official release window announced for the new version of Elite, but don’t be surprised when it launches around the next Call of Duty later this year.


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