WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A former Lantana police officer was sentenced to three years in prison early Tuesday morning for targeting and soliciting money from Hispanic men.

Authorities say Mark Ott would pull over those who were suspected of being Hispanic, search their vehicles, and then proceeded to take money from them. Prosecutors were able to prove that Ott stopped several Hispanic males between February and May and that he took amounts ranging from $20 to $400 from the stopped vehicles.

The officer’s arrest took place in May after an FBI agent and a deputy sheriff posed as undercover Hispanic men. Ott pulled over their vehicle and confiscated the deputy’s wallet, which originally contained $400, and stole $150.

Ott’s attorney, Michael Salnick made an agreement with prosecutors for Ott’s three-year sentence. According to the Miami Herald, the former officer also plead guilty to five felony charges of evidencing prejudice while committing robbery for targeting Hispanics. Ott will also have to repay at total of $1,780 to the victims.

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