NEW YORK — Police are investigating a fifth attack on a Long Island home hit by a Molotov cocktail Sunday night to see if it is linked to the four similar attacks in Queens, according to the Daily News.

The four arson attacks that occurred over two hours Sunday night are believed to be possible hate crimes against Muslims. The attacks were made using homemade firebombs.

The first firebomb hit a bodega, which had minimum inside damage; the second firebomb hit a private home. The fire caused a great fire but no one was hurt. It took more than 60 firefighters about 40 minutes to bring it under control, according to the New York Times.

The third attack was on an Islamic center called the Imam Al-Khoei Foundation, a prominent Shiite mosque. The door was blackened but the building did not catch fire. No one was hurt.

A surveillance video shoes the fourth attack, which involved a private home where Hindu services are held.

According to police, the Molotov cocktails used in three of the attacks were made with Starbucks bottles.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo issued a statement condemning the attacks.

“Attacks such as this have no place in our open and inclusive society,” Cuomo said, “and we must do all we can to ensure New York remains a safe and tolerant place for all.

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