This year, instead of going into hibernation mode, try these top six activities to keep active and warm!

1. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing burns 400-1000 calorie per hour, depending on if you are on packed snow or powder.  A new way to check out the local scenery, snowshoeing is fun and great for groups!  Check out local snowshoeing in Weston, MA.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway, try Hill Top Orchards in Lenox.  There is a winery there, which will be perfect for warming your insides after a day of snowhoeing!

2. Hiking

Before the frost settles in, bundle up and head to the mountains for a day hike.  The foliage and winterscapes make for a beautiful and fun hike. Hike New England has trails for any level hiker!

3. Snow Tubing

Remember how fun sledding was as a kid?  Bring back those childhood memories with snow tubing!  Amesbury Sports Park and Nashoba Valley provide tubes and chair lifts to get you safely up and down the mountain.  Don’t want to spend the money on a lift ticket?  Buy your own tube and head to a nearby hill with a group of friends.  Trekking up the hill is sure to torch calories!

4. Ice Skating

With all of the muscles one’s body recruits to stay balanced and glide on ice skates, a person can burn between 325-825 calories per hour, depending on speed.  One of the most common places to skate is on Boston Common’s Frog Pond.  Another outdoor skating rink is located in Kendall Square.  Not brave enough to skate outdoors during the low temperature?  No problem, Steriti Memorial Rink in the North End, and Emmons Horrigan ONeill Memorial Rink in Charlestown are indoor rinks.

5. Boxing

Although boxing is not strictly a winter sport, it is indoors where you are guaranteed to be warm.  Not only is boxing a challenging workout (have you ever seen a boxer without abs?), it is fun and empowering.  Whenever I have clients who have had an exceptionally miserable day, I bring them to the punching bag to get out their aggression and burn energy.  Boxing burns anywhere from 350-840 calories per hour, and even more in the ring!  Boston Boxing has classes as well as private lessons.

6. Skiing/Snowboarding

Of course, living in New England, you can always stick with the tried and true winter sports: skiing and snowboarding.  With the numerous mountains and pass deals in New England, it is simple to get out for a day or weekend trip.  Hitting means the mountains several choices of activities: downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding.  Downhill skiing burns 295-745 calories depending on ski speed.  Beginners can head to Wachusett to dip their toes in skiing or snowboarding.  For more of a challenge check out Gunstock in Gilford, NH – two hours from Boston.  Both Wachuesett and Gunstock offer night skiing.  Otherwise, there are many mountains to try in New England!

About The Author

Kristen Gard is a Blast Magazine correspondent and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the founder of Ace Boot Camp in Jacksonville, N.C.

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