NEW YORK — Friends and family members held a memorial today for Deloris Gillespie, a 73 year-old Brooklynite who was brutally burned alive in her Prospecr Heights building’s elevator on December 17th, on her way back from grocery shopping.

“People from all walks of live showed respects [ at the First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, in Bedford-Stuy, Brooklyn] for a woman who they say did everything she could for others,” according to News12.

Ms. Gillespie had hired Jerome Isaac, 47, who later killed her, to run some errands for her. Unfortunately, Isaac told the police that he believed she still owed him about $2,000 “for odd jobs,” as stated by the New York Times.

Isaac turned himself in the next day and faces charges for first-degree murder and arson.

“The worst way of dying is by fire, because every nerve ending is assaulted simultaneously in the most horrific way,” Mr. Geberth, a retired commander of the Bronx Homicide Task Force said in the New York Times.

“You have someone with pent-up anger and rage that’s so intense they don’t only want to kill, they want to see the victim suffer”

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