Former Revere police officer, Todd Randall, was sentenced on Tuesday in federal court after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI during questioning about a public corruption investigation.

Randall, 40, was sentenced to four months in prison, followed by two years of supervised release, during which he must stay away from drugs, alcohol and weapons, and undergo substance abuse and mental health treatment according to the Boston Globe.

The defendant met with an FBI cooperating witness back in January 2010 and accepted $200 in exchange for Randall’s help in compromising a  pending case in state court for the witness’ friend. On the same day, officials observed Randall going to the home of the cooperating witness while he was on duty (in uniform and driving a marked police vehicle).  He then was seen and photographed exiting the cruiser and entering the home of the witness.

In March 2011, Randall was questioned by FBI agents regarding his relationship with the witness and the friend,  and his involvement in trying to flub the case.  Randall falsely denied knowing any of the aforementioned parties, and denied accepting money.  The defendant was questioned twice and warned that lying to the agents was a federal crime.

“I have no reason to lie to ya fellas,” Randall told the agents.

The former officer was also involved in a tussle with a community blogger in Septemer when he smacked the blogger in the head at a Dunkin’ Donuts.  The initial blow led to a brawl, from which Randall found himself smacked with more criminal charges.

Randall’s sentence will begin on January 30.

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