We may not know much about Bungie’s first game with Activision, but we now know that it will include someone or something being brave and someone finding their destiny. Or…something like that.

Bungie fan site Halo.Bungie.org reports that Bungie is now the clear owner of the trademarks for “Destiny” and “Be Brave.” The two slogans were previously trademarked by fake corporation Podophobia Entertainment in typical wacky Bungie fashion.

Bungie’s new project is known currently as Codename Tiger and is the studio’s first non Halo, non Xbox 360 exclusive since the original game launched on the original Xbox.  Want to dig really deep? Like Inception style into what Bungie’s got up their sleeves?  The video below, directly from the studio is reportedly filled with hidden meanings and nods to the project. Aaaaaaaaaand discuss.



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