Rod Stewart doesn’t have a record label right now. That sounds bizarre, I know, but that’s true. The singer, who’s currently on road with Stevie Nicks and also working on a new album with Jeff Beck, received the Founder’s Award at ASCAP Pop Awards Wednesday but his contract with J Records is up.

Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s like back in the old days with no one telling you what to do. I’m a free agent now, [J] have not made me an offer, so in the meantime, I’m having fun.”

He added, “I love my ex-boss Clive Davis and everyone who works at J, but these days it’s hard. My daughter just finished her first album and I keep trying to explain to her that record companies are only interested in the bottom line, they’re not interested in longevity or an artist’s career. You’re only as good as your last single or album.”

However, he is not likely to have his own label since he commented, “I think it would be too much work for me to start my own label or license. I still believe in the label system, but in a nutshell, I’m pleased that I came along when I did.”

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