Christina Hendricks’ well promoted guest spot on “Body of Proof” didn’t yield any noticeable bump in the ratings, as the show was down from last week with a 2.4 in the demo, and 11.5 million viewers overall. That said, with those ratings this late in the season, “Body of Proof” looks like a lock for renewal in our TV Ratings Scorecard.

Earlier in the night, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” was deadly for ABC, with a pitiful 1.1. “Dancing with the Stars” turned in a 2.9 for its results show.

“Glee” was down to a 3.7 in the demo after a return from a long hiatus. That’s a season low in viewers and the demo. Is “Glee” following other shows that have recently seen big drops, such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Modern Family,” or is “Glee” losing its appeal? Earlier in the season it nearly hit a 6.0.

“Traffic Light” will certainly be canceled; it turned in a 1.4 in the demo.

“Parenthood” made its case for a third season with a 2.5 in its season finale; that should be more than enough. It will finish the season as one of the peacock nets highest rated programs, where it would be a straggler on another network.

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8 pm

Glee: 3.7 demo, 9.7 milloin viewers

*NCIS: 2.2 demo, 13.3 million viewers

The Biggest Loser (2 hours): 2.3 demo, 6.5 million viewers

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: 1.1 demo, 4.7 million viewers

One Tree Hill: 0.7 demo, 1.4 million viewers

9 pm

Dancing with the Stars: 2.9 demo, 15.8 million viewers

*NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.4 demo, 11.2 million viewers

Raising Hope: 2.2 demo, 5.7 million viewers

Hellcats: 0.4 demo, 1.1 million viewers

9:30 pm

Traffic Light: 1.4 demo, 3.3 million viewers

10 pm

Parenthood: 2.5 demo, 6.3 million viewers

Body of Proof: 2.4 demo, 11.5 million viewers

*NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.0 demo, 8.7 million viewers

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  1. TC

    I hope Body of Proof sticks around; seems like the show is finally starting to find its groove…


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