First details for the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 have started to roll in from the latest issue of Game Informer Magazine.

According to the magazine, which features a 12-page spread and the third chapter in the Sci-Fi epic, Mass Effect 3 starts off with Commander Sheppard facing trial on Earth for the events at the end of the recently released Arrival DLC. It’s not long before Reapers invade, Sheppard escapes to the Normandy and once again travels the galaxy to find troops to battle them.

Game Informer confirms that Liara, Ashley/Kaiden and Garrus will return as squadmates, assuming they are still alive from your Mass Effect 2 save file. Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson are also confirmed to appear in the game, but are not confirmed as squadmates.

Mass Effect 3 is also supposed to be the most RPG centric of the franchise, giving players more freedom over characters, skill trees and abilities.

Mass Effect is expected to release sometime in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Stick with Blast for more information.

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