Avril Lavigne released her “Goodbye Lullaby” on March 2. Her fourth album is a welcome return to form for Avril after her previous work, “The Best Damn Thing” was a letdown.

The album starts with an intro track “Black Star,” which sounds somewhat like a fairy tale, before an abrupt cut to the second track. The cut is weird and interferes with the first listen, as it transitions to “What the Hell,” the albums first single.

“What the Hell” may be catchy, but it reminds me too much of some of Avril’s previous songs. The lyrics may be catchy and poppy, but in reality, you come to realize that you cannot deal with your life by saying “All my life I’ve been good but now, I’m thinking what the hell”(lyrics from “What The Hell”) or “She’s like so whatever”(lyrics from “Girlfriend.”)

Even though her music has been changing its direction frequently, her distinct voice has maintained some continuity for her music. The third track “Push” is very familiar Avril, as it sounds like her original album “Let Go.” Its songs like this where she truly shines.

“I Love You” is a cute little love song, but its pretty light pop. The last track “Alice,” was written the film “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s got beautiful music, but Lavigne screeches during the chorus. It could have been better.

The album is an improvement on her recent work; Avril’s voice is still great, and the songs are pretty much in line with her catalog. With that in mind, its an enjoyable listen, but you may not take much from it.

-Track list-
1. Black Star
2. What The Hell
3. Push
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Smile
6. Stop Standing There
7. I Love You
8. Everybody Hurts
9. Not Enough
10. 4 Real
11. Darlin
12. Remember When
13. Goodbye
14. Alice (hidden track)

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Eiko Watanabe is a Blast staff writer in New York

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  1. Mike

    Good review – I really love this album – it’s definitely an improvement following the mess of The Best Damn Thing! Avril is back!!

    • Terri

      I love this album too! I especially LOVE “Wish you were here”, and “I love you”. The album has her signature style, but with a new sound. Always been a fan, always will be.

  2. Britt

    I thought The Best Damn Thing was pretty good and this new album is awesome. Avril eill always have my heart & attention! :]

  3. Aiwoavril

    I’m a hardcore fan, I bought all 4 original albums, sadly I would say that this Album is 5/10, not too bad, not good either. At least 3rd album had great songs like when you”re gone, innocent, GF.


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