So why don’t we briefly take a look at what people thought of the halftime show?

Before the show started, Usher, who was preparing to go onstage, tweeted, “#halftimeshow!! they’re gonna kill it,” while of the Black Eyed Peas tweeted, “I’m in the back getting ready and I can’t see the game :(.”

The Tweets started immediately from fans and fellow musicians. Most were not supportive.

LeToya Luckett, who was a member of Destiny’s Child, tweeted, “What in the FERGIE???? I want a light up bra too!!!”

Slash’s fans were very harsh and said that Fergie rendition the worst version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” they had ever heard.

?uestlove of the Roots didn’t sound negative. He tweeted, “ferg is the first woman to perform the halftime show since nipplegate. highly surprised the unmoveable axl cleared this.”

Ryan Seacrest kept tweeting pictures from the show with no personal opinion. A wise way of reporting.

?uestlove of the Roots added, “now if wil is smart, nick will come and do “check it out”.” It was a ‘thinking outside the box’ opinion. No one really talked/thought about Nicki Minaj since they were just emphasizing how awesome or awful the show was. Everyone was ‘black or white’ and he totally went ‘no color’

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe entered the Twitter war by tweeting “Worse halftime ever. Jesus. Really?”

Estelle focused on Usher’s appearance and tweeted, “Urshface! I love this perf!!! And the whole outfit this go round!!!! #yes!” And she later added, “This is a brilliant halftime show… Makes me wanna go see BEP in concert. The entire performance is visually incredible. #halftime

Speaking of Usher, Justin Bieber tweeted, “THAT’S MY BIG BRO!!!” He sounded very happy about his mentor’s surprise performance.

Joey Kramer of Aerosmith agreed with Nikki Sixx by tweeting, “R they kidding with this ? Seriously WTF ?” He ended up taking to Sixx and said, “@NikkiSixx I hear ya brother.. WTF ?”

On the the hand, P. Diddy was very excited and said, “W0W!!!!!!!!!!! BEP! LeeGo!” Chris Brown also tweeted, “That’s was dope!!! ” the peas””

Jordin Sparks also liked it and tweeted, “They BETTER do the runnin man in the half time show!! Yessss. As a whole, I loved that half time performance! :).” Jay Sean loved it too by tweeting “Just watched the black eyed peas perform at the superbowl. Wow. Wot a humongous production!!! AmAzing!!!!” Kim Kardashian tweeted as well, “Wow Black Eyed Peas killed it!!! Fergie looks sooo gorge!”

Avril Lavigne loved the BEP and said “The Black Eyed Peas just kicked ass at the Super Bowl. Great performance!!!! It was perfect. The dancers were insane.”

It seemed like that rock musicians liked Slash but didn’t like the BEP; pop celebrities loved the BEP and Usher but didn’t mention Slash… except for Justin Bieber who concluded by tweeting, “@BEP and @Slash and my big bro @UsherRaymondIV – #proud of u my dude. that split was crazy. #Halftimeshow.” He was pretty much all about Usher but sounded like he loved the show overall.

Jordin Sparks threw a question, “Did you like half time? Why or why not?”

Perez Hilton tweeted, “I think that was the best Half Time Show in years!” replied, “@PerezHilton thanks perez…it means a lot from you…”

Some of them stared noticing that an intense controversy was happening on Twitter. Estelle tweeted, “It honestly doesn’t matter what we think tho…long as we watched it. Which we all did. #it‘sonlyentertainment ;)” and Jordin Sparks said, “Not saying it was perfect. But it was energetic, visually appealing & lots of surprises! Mixing def could’ve been better. Lol”

But when things were getting cool down, Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe shot this tweet, “WTF was that?”

Perez Hilton gave us the explanation, “So the Peas did not sound amazing, but they were very entertaining! Much better than The Who last year or Tom Petty before!” He was talking about The Who….?

It was a never-ending vicious cycled Twitter controversy caused by the Halftime show, which was even less than 15 minutes.

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Eiko Watanabe is a Blast staff writer in New York

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  1. Dan

    Are you kidding me? This is the best the titan known as the NFL can come up with? If you want space men get DEVO or Rammstein. If you want theatrics get KISS or Alice Cooper- for crying out loud please get a group that can perform live- and one that can leave out the bias political comments!

  2. Dennis

    This years Superbowl Halftime show was the absolute worst halftime show ever with a group that couldn’e sign a note if their life depended on it.

  3. WTF

    BEP and Fergie couldn’t carry the melody to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in a marble shower. Let’s give the halftime show back to the musicians.

  4. Holly

    I thought Fergie looked fabulous and thought it was definetly the best half time show in years!


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