Video of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shooting the “Breaking Dawn” honeymoon scene was leaked the Internet on Thursday and quickly removed.

The scene was shot in Brazil and showed that Bella and Edward kneeling on a beach and talking before making out.

But don’t you fear — or go ahead and be disappointed — because Summit Entertainment said everything will be kept PG-13.

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  1. Jacob Black

    *picks up Renesmee and pats her Back and rolls his eyes* Maybe you shouldn’t throw a temper tandrum Bells..*smirks*

  2. Jane

    *bursts through the door with the rest of the Volturi*

    You’re dead bitches

    *Jacob, Edward and Bella are killed*

    *everyone cheers*

  3. Rensmee Cullen

    You Meanie!! *sticks my tongue out at you* Thats not How the Story goes!!

    • ALice CULLen

      you no that you r rite THATS NOThow the story goes someone needs to get the damed info rite

  4. Ashl

    Then Renesmee brings back her family with her other superpower. Now the Cullens are invincible, and Jacob can screw Renesmee with all his might. The end

  5. stephanie sorrells

    omg!! bella your so awsome an you and edward make the perfect couple ! how the real story goes is bella and edward defeat the volturi and live happily ever after!! and renesmee is a baby!! so stop sayin nasty things if you dont know the story!!

    ohh and im on face book send me a request i promise : im not a crazy fan!

  6. Seth Clearwater

    I know the real story, I can hear Jacob’s thoughts and the things he’s planning on doing to Nessie are definitely not rated 13…. Please may I watch?

  7. Mickey

    I dont get it they say they are gonna keep it pg 13 when all the other three movies were M’s?


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