Private Practice soared week to week, up 40% in the ratings, largely due to it’s rape/recovery storyline that began this week. Grey’s Anatomy was also up this week.

Fringe and Bones returned after several weeks from Baseball hiatus, and both returned sharply down. Fringe should be on cancellation watch.

NBC and CBS were typical of Thursday nights; The Big Bang Theory was the night’s most watched show.

8 pm

Big Bang Theory: 4.6 demo, 13.9 million viewers

Bones: 2.5 demo, 9.1 million viewers

Community: 1.9 demo, 4.6 million viewers

Grey’s Anatomy (Repeat): 1.2 demo, 4.4 million viewers

8:30 pm

$#*! My Dad Says: 3.4 demo, 11 million viewers

30 Rock: 2.4 demo, 5.3 million viewers

9 pm

Grey’s Anatomy: 4.3 demo, 11.7 million viewers

The Office: 3.7 demo, 7.6 million viewers

CSI: 3.3 demo, 13.9 million viewers

Fringe: 1.8 demo, 5 million viewers


Outsourced: 2.7 demo, 5.8 million viewers

10 pm

Private Practice: 3.9 demo, 10.2 million viewers

The Mentalist: 2.9 demo, 14.3 million viewers

The Apprentice: 1.4 demo, 4 million viewers

9:30 NBC Outsourced 2.7/7 5.78
10:00 ABC Private Practice 3.9/11 10.20
CBS The Mentalist 2.9/8 14.27
NBC The Apprentice 1.4/4 4.02

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  1. Thrapston Cheeseley III

    Fringe will stay right where it is. What else does Fox have to put there on Thursday nights? Other networks have kept low-rated, crtically praised shows on the air simply for cachet purposes (“Chuck” and NBC, for example). It will at least play out its back 9 and wrap as a series. Odds are it could even get picked up by a cable network.


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