Former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte beat up on Republican Paul Hodes in a vacant Senate seat given up by retiring New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg.

Ayotte, a young and conservative Republican endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, took it to hodes and rode a national roller coaster of Republican victories.

Hodes had tried to sell himself as a “fiscal conservative” during the race, but he was clearly out-matched.

“New Hampshire has sent a clear message to Washington, and that is: No more business as usual. No more spending money we don’t have on programs that don’t work. And no more backroom deals,” Ayotte said during her victory speech.

With two-thirds of precincts reporting, Ayotte lead 61 percent to 36 with two independent candidates also trailing.

“Kelly has proven that she has the courage and determination to shake up Washington,” said Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu. “In the Senate, Kelly will be part of a new generation of Republican leaders who will fight to return fiscal sanity to our government.”

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  1. KingCast.

    And screw the free press. The Court ruled today that I am a member of the press, but said that until I produce more law on the matter (which I now have) that the private venue will not be considered a limited public forum. Let’s watch how Kelly handles it when I come a knockin’ and talkin’ about important area issues she has a hand in, now that she will have a public office, ahem. Her event thugs like to say things like “Don’t hit her with your camera” just to try to distract me but I still get my questions out, you bet.

    Momma Grizzly? Who would trust their children to Kelly?

    You guys asked for it, you got it, from the AG who thought her emails weren’t subject to disclosure, FRM over-lookin’, Unconstitutional DNA orderin’, Gregory Floyd Franconia shooting tragedy lyin’……


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