Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested after being found apparently squatting at a California home they owned years ago.

The two were discovered by the property owner’s representative, squatting in the guesthouse, and the rep alerted the authorities.

According to ABC News, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department said that Quaid and his wife Evi insisted they owned the house since the 1990s, but a representative for the home owner produced documents proving the house now belonged to his client who had purchased the home three years ago.

A contractor working on the house claimed that the Quaids caused 5,000 dollars in damage.

Also, earlier this year, the couple were arrested on charges of failing to pay their bill at a California hotel. Evi Quaid was forced to pay $10,500 in restitution in that case and she pleaded no contest to defrauding an innkeeper.

An attorney who represented the Quaids in that case could not be reached for comment about their latest arrest.

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  1. Ice Tbone

    I’m sure this is a misunderstanding and will be cleared up. Or it’s just more of the housing market drama. Maybe Randy and his wife bought the house and stopped making payments.


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