She already lost to one Republican.

Republican Jim McKenna, a former prosecutor and Worcester County attorney will be on the Republican ballot for Attorney General to challenge Martha Coakley.

Coakley is the Democrat who famously lost the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat to Scott Brown.

"We are pleased Jim McKenna has qualified for the ballot as the Republican candidate for Attorney General,” said Jennifer Nassour, Republican party chairwoman for Massachusetts. “His achievement is both an organizational feat and a sure sign of voter enthusiasm for GOP candidates in Massachusetts. If anyone deserved an opponent this election cycle it’s Martha Coakley."

In what is looking like a bad year for incumbents, this may be an interesting race.

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  1. Bill Carson

    Attorney General Martha Coakley let the US Coast Guard appeal the 2004 Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act ! There are to many cozy relationships between state officials and the oil companies .

    Why hasn’t AG Martha Coakley taken the appeal back to court and protect us from another spill like the 2003 Bouchard Oil Spill in Buzzards Bay !


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