Maryland state troopers were not really smiling at the "U Smile" singer last Sunday.

According to a state police spokesperson on WBAL-TV, 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber was “horsing around with members of his staff” backstage at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday in Timonium, Md and he chucked water balloons at two troopers.

One balloon hit a trooper’s gun belt before it burst, and the other balloon sideswiped a trooper on the chest. The state trooper, monitoring crowd control at the concert on security guard duty, unfortunately, was soaked below the belt by a direct balloon hit. He was ready to slap the cuffs on the teen pop sensation prior to his sold-out gig, but Bieber’s bodyguard somehow managed to talk him out of it.

After all, however, according E! News, a state police spokesman described Bieber’s behavior Sunday as “inappropriate,” but he confirmed that no incident report was written and no further action will be taken against the teen.

Bieber tweeted late that night, “Still laughing. GREAT DAY.”

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