While soccer may not receive the praise and recognition it does in other regions of the world, the sport is about to get rammed down the global population’s throat, as the once ever four years tournament, the World Cup, is upon us.

On top a World Cup branded FIFA title that released two weeks ago, Electronic Arts has today announced a soccer title for Facebook.

The game is called FIFA Superstars, and while the details, stemming from EA Sports boss Peter Moore’s blog, on the project are extremely vague, we do know a few things.

It’s a result of EA’s purchase of casual game maker Playfish and is said to be an “engaging interactive football experience.”

Moreover, Moore said the game is a combined effort of EA Sports’ knowledge of the game and Playfish’s “social gaming expertise.”

That’s it for details. Moore promised “more details soon” and hopefully he delivers, because I know when I’m on Facebook, instead of staring at faces, I’d much rather play soccer!

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