Airing on this past weekend’s episode of Pokemon Sunday in Japan, was the first gameplay from the upcoming Pokemon Black and White.

In the video, we get a look at a city in full-on 3D, with the camera shifting like never before  as the trainer moves around.

The video also teases (with screenshots, not video) a battle sequence between Zoroark and Zorua we’ve already seen.

No firm release date for Pokemon Black and White has been announced as of yet, only that it’ll arrive on the DS sometime this year.

This, to me, is the Pokemon game I’ve waited so long for. A new visual approach (can’t wait to see battles with the new look!) and hopefully an alteration of the predictable story, will bring me back for sure.

What about you? Happy about the visual overhaul?

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  1. jackie12

    looks okay i guess. when you said it was the big game change you were waiting for, i cant say ive been waiting for it at all. they can walk around in 3d all they like, graphics were never a problem, i can still play blue version, i want to see the new pokemon. im wondering if they are still going to ignore the fact that kanghaskhan is holding a… BABY Kangaskhan >.> like.. come on, just make it a Pokemon already.. i got diamond just because they finally make the gameplay switch with the special/physical attacks. nobody plays pokemon for the graphics, so i cant imagine many people being particurarly thrilled about this. its just eye candy, personally i want to know about everything else BUT the graphics, haha

  2. imoru imiti

    All of my ideas are stupid, but I’m going to tell you guys anyways.
    STORY/PLOT: They should make both the versions start on different regions and earn 8 differnt badges. Black version in the east and White in the west. After beating the Elete four the games crossover and you experiance what the other game experianced. Two-five years pass after beating the Elete four “for the second time”. You wake up and find your self at home. You recive a phone call inviting you to travel upon the legendary St. Ann across the world. Later you reach many regions including older ones. Eventually you reach Kanto and ironiclly it’s the same Kanto from the original game, thus playing to the whole BLACK & WHITE concept perfectlly. This is how far I got with the idea.
    GAME/MECHANICS: Maltiple save slots at lease two. Multiple seal select buttons. HM learing slot or a move relearner. Laptop computer for you to withdraw and deposit on the go.
    STARTERS: More interseting type mix such as; grass/ghost fire/dragon or water/bug.
    POKEMON: More new and decent fire types please. higher level wild pokemon near gyms.beter trainers, rival gym leader and character A.I.
    Okey I think I said too much and I know that most these ideas are even not decent well heres to wishful thinking.


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