The Super Street Fighter 4 developers have released an interview on the Capcom Unity Blog in which tweaks for some of the franchise’s most beloved characters – Guile, Vega, Dhalsim, Sagat, Balrog and M.Bison – are discussed in heavy detail.

The short versions of these changes are that Guile, Dhalsim and Vega will all get upgrades to make them a little more competitive. Guile will get reduced charge times for the ‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Flash Kick’ attacks, as well as some extra combo options. Dhalsim’s attacks will almost all be more powerful. Vega will be buffed to the point of ‘boss’ status in numerous ways. Sagat will get a little bit nerfed, but gain a projectile Ultra Combo. My personal favorite upgrades on this list,  however, go to M.Bison, who will get serious help with his signature ‘Psycho Crusher’ attack. Players will get the same chip damage effect from it that they experienced in SF2, providing a serious advantage during opponent wake-up. His EX Psycho Crusher will now negate a fireball as well.

All returning characters in Super SF4 get an additional Ultra Combo, giving each character 2 to choose from. Check out the full nitty-gritty on these new character tweaks at the Capcom Unity Blog.

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