Here at Blast, we’re fans of saving money. You work hard and deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned dollar in your pocket as possible. So when a deal comes along, we’ll happily report it.

Mega international  retailer Wal-Mart hacked and slashed the price of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 today, dropping its going rate from $59.99 to an invitingly low $39.99.

We played, absolutely loved, and continue to play the shooter and feel its awesomeness should be shared with as many as possible.

Check out our review here and pick up the game, on the cheap, at Wal-Mart. Note, the deal is only good for the Xbox 360 version.

Amazon often matches Wal-Mart’s offerings quickly, so when/if they do, we’ll update with another link.

Happy gaming!

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