If you signed up for the LEGO: Universe beta last month (when we urged you to!) and were chosen to participate in the trial, invitations, in the form of colorful e-mails, rolled out today.

The e-mail invite contains a link to download the MMO and a beta key to access it.

The beta will only be open for very small windows of time (noted below), but thankfully the bulk of the beta access times runs on the weekends. No mention was made of for how many weeks the beta will continue, so if you’re in, play as much as you can!

Opening Hours

Thursdays     17.00 — 03.00 Europe (CET). 11am — 9 pm US (EST)

Saturdays    20.00 – 02.00 Europe (CET),   2pm – 8pm US (EST)

Sundays      14.00 – 17.00 Europe (CET),   8am – 11am US (EST)

I’ve downloaded the game, took about 35 minutes and cannot wait until tomorrow to play it. Anybody else get in?

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