“God of War III” is nearly upon us. Its March 16 release date creeps closer and closer every day and with it comes an end to a trilogy. So what’s next for Kratos and the franchise? Don’t ask the series developers, they have “no idea.”

“God of War III” Senior Producer Steve Caterson, in an interview with Industry Gamers said the fate of the franchise is uncertain at the moment.

“I have no idea (what is next)! I just finished three years of my life on God of War III and seven years on the God of War series — I have kids younger than that! We’re excited to work on large projects but it’s not a decision that’s made flippantly and we’re going to take our time with it. The only game I had the chance to play through the past few years was Dead Space; there are other games that have released that I want to have a chance to sit down and have those experiences! Actually playing some of those great games out there and seeing what other developers are doing… I’m looking forward to it — that’s the best part of finishing a game!"

Glad to hear these developers actually play games, but what about the next “God of War” game?

“Well, God of War III is the end of the trilogy,” he said. We didn’t leave you on a cliffhanger but I think it’s not the end of the franchise. I’m looking forward to doing something different if we can. It also might be nice to return to the franchise if we can and bring all that knowledge back from wherever we go. Anything’s possible. It’s premature to say what it might be, since I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next week!”

Uncertainty. I love it.

Source: IndustryGamers via Destructoid

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