“Halo: Reach” is likely to be the biggest game of 2010 and for good reason. It’s Bungie’s “definitive” Halo effort and a multiplayer beta begins for it May 3 (you’ve requested time off already, right?).

But at this stage, with scant details, the excitement is all hype, and this is more.

Posted on the Halo: Reach Dev Blog by Marcus Lehto, Bungie’s creative director, was this screenshot of a bunch of red-eyed, hairy, large men in the Bungie cave staring at a screen with smiles streaking across their faces.

Mystery awesome.

What they’re looking at? Only time will tell.

Here’s what the image description says: “Holy crap. This is when the magic happens. I wish I could show you what amazing new thing we have on screen tonight”

To stay up to date with the “Halo: Reach” development process, keep an eye on the development blog.

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