Lost Planet 2, Capcom’s second foray into the forbidden planet franchise, had some of its content cut due to the limited storage space of Microsoft’s disc of choice, the DVD.

In a report on Livedoor.jp and translated by IGN, Jun Takeuchi, producer on the game, said it was difficult to decide what content to cut.

“There wasn’t any major trouble,” Takeuchi said of the game’s development. “More than that type of difficulty, there was too much content, and deciding on those areas was more difficult than anything.” 

“We had so much content that we wanted to add this time, added Takeuchi. “It ended up being a battle against disc space.” 

Takeuchi did say Capcom had to cut content that it didn’t want to, but recognized the possibility of it showing up later.

“We hope to offer those types of elements as future download content,” he said.

Well now, this sounds questionable. First, why not pack the game onto two discs? And second, it sounds a lot like Capcom is purposefully withholding content, so it can charge us later. And third. What about the PS3 version? That runs on Blu-Ray discs, which have significantly higher storage capacities.

Source: IGN

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  1. TK Chillin

    It’s nice that the gamers that made Lost Planet a success in the first place are the ones that get screwed.

  2. Amir

    TK Chillin, Blame Microsoft. They are the ones who decided to stick with old technology. Capcom’s only doing what they can with the crap they have to work with.

    Multiplatform games are only going to be as good as the weakest link. And thats the Xbox.


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