A recent study conducted by the University of Missouri claimed that Twitter use has a direct correlation with cheating.  However, it only provided a direct link for those cheaters who got caught.

A new study found that Facebook is actually the more popular platform cheaters use to interact.

The study was conducted by SeekingArragnement.com, a mutually beneficial dating site.  It discovered that while Twitter is most often where cheaters get caught, they typically spend more time interacting on Facebook.

Seventy-three percent of women who admitted to cheating most commonly used social media to engage in their affairs, while 57 percent of men used more traditional methods like texting, Facetime or email.

Fifty-two percent of those that were cheated on discovered their partner’s activities through a social media network.  Forty-two percent were exposed via Twitter, 20 percent through Facebook, 16 percent through email, 14 percent through texting, 6 percent through Facetime and 2 percent through other methods.

“While most adulterers meet their partners in crime on Facebook, they’re much more aware of their Facebook visibility than on Twitter,” says Founder & CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, Brandon Wade. “Slip ups happen more often on Twitter, so more people get caught engaging with people they shouldn’t be.”

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