Three young Boston women, ages 18, 21, and 17, face charges of receiving stolen property after they were found carrying merchandise stolen from several stores in the Braintree South Shore Plaza, police said.

A mall cop told police on Thursday that he watched the women, a fourth women, and a man, stealing from Hollister. Police caught up to the group in Macy’s after security told them they entered Hollister with empty bags and left with full ones.

Several security sensor tags were later discovered discarded on the floor inside the store.

Three of the women had shopping bags that were searched and found to contain stolen merchandise. One woman had $247 worth of merchandise from American Eagle and Hollister. A second woman had $218 worth of merchandise from Hot Topic, Hollister, Abercrombie and American Eagle and the third had $231 worth of merchandise from Hot Topic and Hollister.

They will be summonsed to court on multiple charges of receiving stolen property under $250.

No word on fashion police charges stemming from the blatant clashing of fashion styles.

The fourth woman wasn’t charged. The man, identified as Kalieshe A. Brown, 28, of Dorchester was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant. When he was being booked he was discovered to be wearing two pairs of jeans — one of them was stolen from American Eagle.

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