Valentine’s Day is a day of division. You’re either in love or you aren’t. The latter saves you money and the former gets you laid.

How does this apply to gaming?

Atlus today revealed a Valentine’s Day in-game World Tendency Event. Much like the Halloween engagement, the world will either go dark or light. But this time around the choice is yours, because, and I’m quoting Atlus here, “Since V Day is somewhat divisive, in that some people feel bright and happy and others not so much, we’re going to leave which way we actually shift to you…”

Love, or not?

The choices are:

Atlus Loves Me (White World Tendency)

Atlus Loves Me Not (Black World Tendency)

Cast your vote today by following this link and if you’re in love, enjoy it. If you’re single, well, enjoy that too. Both have their ups and downs, ins and outs.

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