Here’s an example of how a press release can totally muck things up.

In the official statement announcing that WFNX was killing our personal favorite morning routine, The Sandbox morning show, the station also announced it was nixing the syndicated relationship/sex advice nighttime show “Loveline” with Dr. Drew.

Only WFNX called it “Love Lines,” and, as a result, so did The Boston Herald, and The Boston Globe, which syndicated to Yahoo! News.

In this case, Wikipedia has it right. It’s Loveline. It’s been on the radio for 26+ years. Dr. Drew Pinsky has done it for 25 years. It was on television for another 4 years.

By the way, FNX was the only station in the Boston listening area that carried the show.

I guess no one really does listen to the radio anymore.

Oh, and before any of you diseased nitwits comment and say I’m a fucking idiot for posting this and “who cares” — no, you should care, because some dude wrote a press release, with an incorrect fact, and both newspapers in Boston gobbled it up and copied it.

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