This is a tricky topic, mostly because no one actually keeps New Year’s Resolutions. So really, what’s the point of dispensing my well-thought-out advice on the matter? Not sure I have a good answer to that question, but I’m going to give it my best shot anyway.

So the first thing to remember is to not even bother with making a resolution if you don’t think you will keep it. Because if you end up breaking your word, you’re just going to get all upset and your roommates will have to hear about it and blah blah blah. So only make a resolution if you sincerely want to and if you think there is a chance on earth you’re actually going to stick to it.

Here’s a nice one to start off with: relieve stress every day by "sharing" with your roommates. I say sharing, but really I just mean complaining. This will create a great bonding moment while also allowing your roommates to work on their problem solving skills. Good deal.

Turn off the lights in a room when you leave it. You probably already do this but you may not be aware of it. So all you have to do is realize that you are doing it and you are automatically keeping your resolution.

An old staple is about to come back to haunt you: stop smoking. I don’t want to make a judgment call here … but yeah, I’m going to anyway. Smoking is expensive and unhealthy. Oh yeah, sounds like a great habit to pick up. Don’t tell me it’s relaxing. You know what’s relaxing? A hot shower. A grimey, toxic, rolled up stick of pollutants is only one thing: a bad idea. So grab the gum, the patch, or go cold turkey. Doesn’t matter to me. If you are a nonsmoker, you will instantly smell better, taste better, have more money in your wallet, and have better lung capacity.

Stop being so addicted to Facebook. Yeah never mind, that’s not going to happen.

Be a better student. So this one might be a little personal, but I figure other students out there can certainly relate. Stop using Facebook as a procrastination tool, stop using meals as procrastination tools, stop using the gym as a procrastination tool, stop using … yeah you get it. Getting a paper done with more than 20 minutes to go before it’s due is a great feeling. I’d like to enjoy that feeling more often. Feel free to enjoy it with me.

Be more sophisticated. After all, we have to do something to set ourselves apart from the masses of undergrads in this city. So go for the fancy drink with the classier vodka. Leave the crappy cheap stuff for the annoying undergrads with the fake ID’s. You might not be able to tell the difference once it’s in the glass, but you’ll feel superior and really that’s all that matters. I say it’s worth the investment.

Be nicer to your parents. I mean, they let you bring your laundry home. And eat their food. And they buy you groceries. And let you complain to them when you have too much homework, real work or problems with your apartment. So yeah, be nicer to your parents.

Smile more. I’ve decided people in Boston don’t smile enough. It makes me sad and I don’t want to be sad. So let’s just all smile, k? Sure, you might think everyone is stoned for a bit. But just make Sober Sally stand next to Stoner Steve for a quick second and the difference will be fairly obvious.

Tip better. Yeah, that includes even the damn unpleasant waitresses. I mean, maybe she’s just pissy because her last customer stiffed her. So make her day and round up. And yes, that’s after tax.

Pick one bad habit to break. I figure I’m being generous by only suggesting one. Stop picking your nose, your ears, your whatever. Help out my gag reflex and just stop.

Stop texting in class. Wow, I honestly couldn’t even type that with a straight face…

Stop buying useless things. Beer mugs from each of the Boston sports teams: fine. Beer mug from the Star Wars concert you secretly went to … not so much.

So I realize this is kind of a short list, but everyone is busy at this time of year so I figured I’d better keep this short and sweet. I wish everyone a great New Year’s and go come up with your own ideas for a change. Love ya. 🙂

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  1. Katie Ham

    Study your lesson and being a great student will be the first New years resolution of yours sot hat, not only your parents will be happy but also the people around you and also yourself. Keep Up the good work:)


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