Love MAC makeup, but hate the prices? Me too! Recently I’ve heard a lot about their FIX+ spray…if you haven’t heard about the uses for it here is a quick list:

  • to set your makeup (just a light spray over your powder foundation can help reduce the cakey apperance)
  • to use as a refresher spray (on your face or even your hair)
  • to turn your favorite eyeshadow into your new favorite eyeliner
  • to use your eyeshadow wet for a bolder, longer lasting shadow

There’s a ton of different ways to use the FIX+ spray however for $18/bottle it can be pretty pricey. Have no fear! There is a quick and easy way to create your own FIX+ spray for $5 (unless of course you need to purchase a container to put it in then I’ll say less than $10).

Here’s what you need:

  • pure glycerin (I bought 100% pure glycerin you don’t need to, but I’d get somewhere in the 90s range
  • a clean/sanitary bottle to put the product in
  • water (filtered or purified is best)
  • possibly a funnel for easy pouring

All you need to do is add EQUAL parts glycerin and EQUAL parts water. I suggest pouring the two into something that you can stir it up (or shake up) because the glycerin is quite syrupy. Then just pour the mixture into your bottle and voila! You have your own FIX+ spray.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what the shelf life is. I’ve had my mixture for probably a month now and I’m still using it. I did use filtered water instead of regular tap water. I say try making small amounts that way you won’t waste the glycerin. I also have my mixture in a little spray bottle so that I can easily spray my brushes. I’ve only used this mixture for my eyeshadows and to make eyeliner because I don’t feel the need to refreshen my face during the day.

**PLEASE NOTE: Not every eyeshadow is meant to be used WET! You will want to check the package or even the product’s website to see if it can be used wet. Eyeshadows that aren’t meant to be used wet can be damaged (they will get a weird shine on them which will result in a difficult time using them dry). Pigments and loose eyeshadows last longer and look more vibrant when using this mixture!  The general rule of thumb is that matte shadows will get ruined when used wet whereas shimmery ones won’t.  You can also split the shadow up (if it is big enough) and use one side wet and one side dry.

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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