If you’re like me and can’t get enough Halo, you’ll be happy to learn Halo Waypoint launched on Xbox Live today.

No, it’s not another Halo game. Rather, it’s a destination, a hub, a waypoint, for all things Masterchief.


According to Microsoft “Halo Waypoint features daily updates of fresh, exciting content such as developer interviews, trailers and screenshots, exclusive video footage, community activities and the latest “Halo” news.”

Additionally, the hub features a career system which tracks your progress through various Halo games and affords gamers goodies based on their in-game accomplishments.

What’s more, in the Waypoint this Saturday, Nov. 7, gamers and Halo enthusiasts can watch the first of the “Halo Legends” anime saga, which delves into untold background stories in the Halo-verse.

Halo WayPoint is free and available for both Gold and Silver members today, but by the end of the month only Gold subscribers can enjoy the service.

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