Major Nelson, the Xbox Live Community man, posted the week’s top-ten most fervently played games on Xbox Live today, and, as has been the staple of so many weeks in a row, Halo 3 remains firmly grounded atop the list.

However, I can say with near certainty, that come next Tuesday, when some other game releases, Halo 3 will be dropped to the #2 spot, and possibly until Reach comes out will remain there.

Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles

1    Halo 3
2    Call of Duty 4
3    Call of Duty: WaW
4    GTA IV
5    Halo 3: ODST
6    Gears of War 2
7    FIFA 10
8    Borderlands
9    Madden NFL 10
10   Forza Motorsport 3

Source: Major Nelson

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