Earlier today (or “last night” for the UK kids out there) British rockers Blur premiered two new songs on an exclusive live stream  that the band set up via Twitter. They performed the new tracks at a secret UK location, sending out a link to their fans and twitter followers  just before the performance.

Those who frequent the Twitter-sphere did have some idea of what was going on beforehand – Blur had been posting somewhat cryptic updates and Instagram photos teasing the upcoming performance and the songs themselves.

The Olympics-inspired songs – “Under The Westway” and “The Puritan”-  are the first to be revealed from Blur’s upcoming album Under The Westway. The songs will next be performed  at the band’s upcoming concert in London’s Hyde Park on August 12, which coincides with the Olympics closing ceremonies.

After the performances, the band put videos up on YouTube featuring each song’s lyrics. Watch (and listen) below:

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