In a move that’s sure to make many fans happy–including this guy right here–Capcom has brought Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower to the PSN today, meaning you don’t have to slog through used bins searching for a copy if you would prefer to download it from your couch.

I don’t know much about Darkstalkers, as I have not played this version, but Morrigan is in it, which means it’s probably worth at least looking at for many.


As for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, I’ve been meaning to get a copy, as the original version is one of my favorite games from the Super Nintendo; just by reading the announcement the level theme for Storm Eagle popped into my head, and it’s back again as I tell you about it. Remixed music, 3-D backgrounds and enhanced effects? You can be sure I’m heading to the PSN to snag a copy as soon as I hit submit on this.

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