Activision tooted the Call of Duty horn today, as the publisher revealed that all three map packs for Call of Duty: World at War are 50 percent off for the week, and that gamers can enjoy double XP, and new playlists while blowing eachother’s heads off.

That’s right, Map Packs 1, 2, and 3 are now half-off, and will continue to be until Nov. 1 on both Xbox Live and The PlayStation Network.

Additionally, the following augments to the game’s playlists have been introduced.

Hardcore HQ: The addition of Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore playlists has taken effect, by popular demand.

Team Flags: In the MAP PACK category, the old “Team Objective” playlist has been removed, and replaced with two playlists; Team Flags being one of them (CTF, Domination, and War).

Team Objectives: Also in the MAP PACK category, the counterpart to Team Flags is this new playlist, Team Objectives (S&D, HQ, and Sabotage).

And finally, anyone killing anyone in any game over Xbox Live or the PSN, will reap twice the reward for doing so, as Activision flipped the Double XP switch for your enjoyment.

Happy gaming all!

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  1. CodBunker-com

    Double XP…Its about time, seems like its been forever. I started all overI was hoping that there would be a Map Pack 4 before MW2 came out (especially for the viral popularity of Zombies as shown on my site CODBUNKER). Dbl XP’ers, just think…..lots of newbies downloading map packs that we already know..Tee Hee Hee. Enjoy this weekend, I’ll be blasting ya!


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