Night-clubs full of drinking, drugs, and celebrities.‚  As Luis Lopez, main character in Rockstar’s second expansion “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” you’ll be able to escape to these hang-outs and enjoy the “comfort” of your surroundings.

The expansion’s two clubs Hercules and Maisonette 9 are places of indulgence and at Hercules you can partake in a dancing mini-game and if you’re proficient enough, you’ll earn the attention of the ladies and can head to the bathroom for a quickie. Nice.

And at Maisonette 9,the watering-hole club, you can enjoy a round of shots or try your hand (and stomach) at a champagne drinking game, but, drink too much, and drunkenness will prohibit easy movement and can even lead to a full-on blackout.

Oh Rockstar, how we love you!

Check out the trailer, which introduces us to Liberty City’s “Fizz TV” celebrity-watch TV program.

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