Every time Activision releases a new Guitar Hero game the songs on the disc are at the forefront of our thoughts. Sure new features, graphics, and such are great, but what Guitar Hero games have always boiled down to are the songs you play.

Activision, publisher of all things Guitar Hero knows this and speaking with GI.biz, Guitar Hero Business CEO Dan Rosenweig said:

“We have a sophisticated way, in our music team around the world who work with the studios to really… once it’s determined what the focus of the game is about, what would be the kinds of songs that go in there. Then you do a scientific analysis of the popularity of that song, how you group the songs together, how many songs should be in there.

And then you do the magic part which they’re focused on, which is the stuff statistics can’t tell you. Some of it is factual – who’s going on tour, who’s interested in promoting, but really they blend the science and the art together.

Then the last component goes to the studio, which is, is it fun to play? If it’s not fun as hell to play, it’s not going to make the game. That’s the common element, and the reviews have been spectacular on it. To say there aren’t legendary songs today… there are – it’s just different themes.”

I’ve always had my minor gripes with every Guitar Hero game Activision puts out, but that’s based on personal issues with songs. Guitar Hero 5, the subject of the interview, had the most varied setlist to date. The result?

Rosenweig left with a scathing remark regarding sales of Guitar Hero 5 versus The Beatles: Rock Band in the UK.

“We’re pretty happy, and as you look at the European sales and our ability to outsell The Beatles: Rock Band 2-to-1 on their home field… that would suggest it was a good decision.”

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