PopCap Games, the publisher/developer most famous for their flagship title Bejeweled, today announced that for the first time they’ve taken outside funding to the tune of $22.5 million.

The money came from Meritech Capital Partners, a late-stage investment firm, and Larry Bowman and John McCaw, both longtime technology industry luminaries and investors.

“PopCap is arguably the most unique video game company on the planet” stated Rob Ward, managing director at Meritech. “While other video game companies put out more flops than hits, PopCap has never produced a game that wasn’t a critical and commercial success. Taking the company’s boutique development style and universally appealing product lineup to the top of the video game food chain will be an exciting, potentially industry-changing, experience and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

This investment marks the first time in PopCap’s 10-year‚  history that they’ve raised capital for operational purposes, including working capital and potential acquisitions.

Potential acquisitions you say?

We’re excited to have additional working capital that lets us be more aggressive with our expansion into social media and reaching new geographies” said David Roberts, CEO of PopCap.

More money is always nice, but what PopCap does with it, remains unknown. Hopefully it’s not blown on some mammoth Bejeweled statue at their offices.

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