We know it could never happen, but what if, in some parallel universe, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali crossed paths in the ring? Who do you think would win?

According to Electronic Arts and their flagship boxing franchise’s latest installment Fight Night Round 4, it’d be a great match, and something that owners of the game have likely simulated again and again since the game’s release in June.

They both share the game’s boxart, so they’re already cozy. Why not pit them against in eachother in the best boxing sim out there?

Take a look at this video, narrated‚  by boxing legend Marvis Frazier, and see witness the possibilities of the mighty game.

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  1. iron mike #1

    cool vid, but iron mike all the way! Tyson was simular to smoking joe but he was faster, stronger, better combos, and better defence. oh and could see out of both eyes. we all saw what joe did to ali, cant see ali beating a prime time iron mike.

  2. Jay

    I’m pretty sure it would go 12 rounds, and it would be pretty close. Ali just about takes it, in my opinion.
    There were fighters Tyson could not KO in his prime and so the fight went the distance, and also look what Joe Frazier could do to Ali.

  3. Jake

    12 rounds ali by split decision tyson had some struggles in his career tyson did not beat Buster Douglas, Evander Holyfield two fighters in his prime ali could beat ali would win by punching power i think even though iron mike was great at that but ali escapes over tyson with the win


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